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Reverse Mortgages for Seniors are Safe and Secure

By the end of 2013 nearly 900,000 senior households will have discovered that reverse mortgages are a safe and secure financial tool that will allow them to retain ownership of their homes, while utilizing the home’s equity to provide a greater financial independence.

Additionally, those seniors using senior reverse mortgages services gained the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have the resources to pay for health care, home modifications, or simply enjoy life a little more.

Seniors are the fastest growing segment-of our population. Today’s seniors are healthier, more mobile than previous generations, and are facing a paradigm shift in how they finance their retirement. Gone are the days of receiving a pension and retiring to the front porch rocker.

Their sound financial decisions have resulted in more than $3.3 trillion of equity in the homes owned by seniors. At the same time however, political and financial factors beyond their control have left many without sufficient cash flow, and overwhelmed with the reality that they may outlive their savings and investments.

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