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The Challenges Faced by Financial Advisors for Seniors

Most people aren’t prepared for retirement—or even close.  Financial advisors for seniors are currently confronted with unprecedented political and economic uncertainty. Combine this with the issues that surround an aging population, increasing life expectancy, and the rising cost of living, and you have the perfect storm for millions of retirees being at risk of outliving their retirement funds.

With the departure of traditional pensions, retirees must create their own income stream, not as a means of supplementing their income, but as their sole income.

Reverse Mortgage Information for Financial Advisors

Reverse mortgage information for financial advisors has been available for more than two decades, but never has it been more appropriate – or needed.

For most seniors, their two biggest assets are their retirement accounts and their home. Historically, the equity in one’s home has not been a key factor in the retirement equation, and, in many cases, was off limits.

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